Software Engineer

Full name: Mike Shatohin
Location: Russian Federation, Krasnodar


  • Sep 2008--Present, Kuban State University of Technology, Software Engineer


  • NXP Semiconductors: LPC1343 (Cortex-M3), LPC2103 (ARM7TDMI-S);
  • Atmel AVR: ATmega8, 16, 32; ATtiny44, 85, 2313;

Created devices

  • AmbilightUSB is a very simple implementation of the backlight for a laptop (as in Philips TV).
  • Hardware: ATtiny44, 74HC595, 4 RGB LEDs, USB (HID from obdev);
    Software: OS Linux/Windows, C++ (Qt);

  • BOS Life project: simple AVR RealTime OS. System timer. Eval queue and timer queue. "Conway's Game Of Life"
  • Hardware: ATtiny2313, 8x8 led matrix;

  • ColorsCMP project: compare colors with 2 sensors. Sensor is black capsula with RBG LED and light-dependent resistor. Light comes from the hole in the bottom.
  • Hardware: ATmega32, Led driver - DM134B, 2 RGB LEDs, 2 light-dependent resistor;

  • HelloLPC2103 project: RTC, UART, Button.
    Hardware: Simple pinboard (LPC2103, power (3V3, 1V8), system clock quartz (18.432 MHz), RTC quartz (32.768 kHz), button, LED)